About Us

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Transplus Africa is a company whose mission is to propose to African road transport enterprises solutions that allow them to significantly reduce their operating costs. In order to respond to high demand for engineering service from companies, we have therefore created IkaTrans Consulting whose mission is to offer high-quality engineering software services.

Our transport solutions are directed towards :

  • Goods road transport companies (national and international)
  • Passengers road transport companies (national and international)
  • Taxi and urban bus companies
  • Staff and students urban transport companies
  • Company and/or NGO with a fleet of vehicles transporting their staff or clients

The effectiveness of our Transport solutions is based on the latest telematic technologies as well as the know-how of experienced managers and technicians in the transportation field in order to provide pragmatic solutions to road transport issues in West Africa.

As a solution integrator, we guarantee the use of renowned transport equipment and software.

Transplus Africa team composed of former transportation and telecom company managers; we have an excellent understanding of the problems of road transport and solutions (information technologies, internal control…) which contribute to their resolution. Thus the quality of our solutions is based on three key components :

  • Up to date technology equipment
  • Leading sector analysis software, customized to meet the needs of our clients
  • High availability of our support team.

To face resistance to change, we advise and accompany our clients in order to implement this system.

  • SME’s and large businesses
  • Start-ups
  • Public administrations

The quality of our engineering services is built on our technical team’s solid experience.