Geolocation of your fleet

Employee safety - optimization of journeys - improvement of revenue per kilometer, with our solution, you regain control over these factors determining the success of your company thanks to its real-time alert system.

Transplus Africa vehicles and fleet tracking solutions provide ways of securing employees, optimizing journeys and the improving income per kilometer travelled. This offers you the possibility to adapt quickly to events and take intelligent and relevant decisions. Our solutions allow, among others:

  • View in real time the position of a vehicle on an interactive map (Google map or open street map).
  • Revisit the distance travelled by a vehicle on an interactive map. 
  • Control vehicles stopping times hence reducing costs from 3 to 6%.

Our solution offers an alert system. Alerts can be set up to send targeted information to specific users. These alerts can be sent by email or by text message. Below are examples:

  • Arrival of a vehicle in a locality 
  • Exit of a vehicle from its scheduled route
  • Departure time of a vehicle
  • Parking of a vehicle in a locality for a certain period
  • Exceeding the speed limit set

Our solution is available on Android and IOS platforms; your mobility is therefore guaranteed. We offer you a one week non-binding free trial of our product.