Operational Reporting

Operational reporting of your fleet

Given the fact that data on monitoring, planning, routing are often disseminated and unstructured, there is an overload of work to reorganize them. Transplus Africa's reporting tools have the ability to reorganize everything to free you from these tasks. So you can calmly concentrate on your core business and grow your business.

When planning, routing and constantly monitoring, you realize that there is little time to analyze. Reporting / analysis is an important part of fleet management activity, faced by owners and major stakeholders.

Most of the time the data are non-existent or dispersed everywhere, and one spends much time trying to collect them. Once assembled, you computerize all data and try to create the appropriate graphics or you try to determine how to perform the analysis, etc. It is not always easy to determine the data to study.

A great way to increase income is to be able to focus on what your drivers are doing regardless of the vehicle they are using.

To obtain this type of information, you need data and reports, which serve as tools to accurately, measure the performance of your fleet, therefore giving you a competitive advantage.

These reports can be generated daily, weekly or even monthly in order to provide in-depth information on your drivers. It specifically indicates the comparison between planned work and the moment when the driver arrived at the designated stop. If there are disparities, or if it is a regular model, it will alert you to pay close attention into the matter and help you determine what may have been the problem.

Transplus Africa reporting tools have the unique ability to transform data into useful information